Faith Chapel started as Faith Tabernacle, a full-gospel church in central Albuquerque. God used this church to help many people from different walks of life. It was well known for its prayer ministry that touched the lives of countless persons throughout the city and beyond. For many years, the church was led by Pastor Mable Dawe and Pastor Tom Salmon.


In 2008, Faith Chapel joined the Foursquare movement, a full-gospel denomination with a remarkable history originating in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the early 1900's in Los Angeles. The Foursquare Church is known for a balanced message, a heart for the lost, and a focus on God's Word. Our senior pastor is Dr. Dan Hedges.


Pastor Dan brings a moving message of God's love to the practical issues of life. For over thirty years he has served youth and adults of many backgrounds as a pastor, teacher, and ministry leader. He is also a seasoned educator with many years of leadership experience in Christian school, university, and seminary education. He is married to his life-long friend and faith-partner, Ginger. They have three grown children who love and serve the Lord.