David GRiffis Sunday School Lessons

David Griffis is a former Four Square Pastor who teaches an Adult Sunday School Class at Faith Chapel Four Square in Albuquerque, NM.

Join his class as they study Faith and Reason - a lesson on Apologetics.

  • David first started this series with Lesson 1 in January 2020 and got through the first part of Lesson 5 on March 15, 2020 before his teaching series was interrupted due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  These original lessons were recorded in audio only and can be found by searching by Date and Lesson #.
  • On June 17th, David began teaching the lessons over starting with Lesson 1. These teachings are presently still being taught in-person with live participation available via ZOOM. Send an email to faithchapelfoursquare@gmail.com to request a Zoom invitation to join these lessons. Audio-only recordings are available below and can be found by searching for lessons on or after June 17th by Week#.  Video recordings of these lessons are also available by clicking on the link for Bible Lessons - Video, and searching by Week #. 
  • Lesson Notes and topics covered are described for each audio or video recording (scroll down or search to see the lessons by date, Lesson or Week). These notes and the presentations can be downloaded using the "Resources" link included with each recording.

Lesson Topics by Lesson #:

  1. Apologetics
  2. The Importance of Knowing Your Audience
  3. The Devastating Consequences of Unbelief
  4. Are Faith and Science Opposed to Each Other? (Part 1)
  5. Are Faith and Science Opposed to Each Other? (Part 2)

Lesson Material Covered by Week: (what you will find on each weekly recording):

June 17, Week 1: Lesson 1 Part 1

June 24, Week 2: Lesson 1 Part 2 and Lesson 2 Part 1

July 1, Week 3: Lesson 2 Part 2 and Lesson 3 Part 1

July 8, Week 4: Review of Lessons 1-2 and Lesson 3 Completion

July 15, Week 5: Lesson 4 (To Be Added once completed)